Our perspective of client relationships is entirely different than typical accountants, financial advisors or coaches.  At Votum we view our clients as ship captain’s who hire us to journey with them in navigating the financial seas.  The role of the captain is to decide where they want to go and our job is to figure the best course (Financial MAP) to get there.

Why Hire a Financial Navigator?

Stress Reduction

Alleviate financial uncertainly, anxiety, and worry

Stress Reduction

Risk Reduction

Eliminate unnecessary risks and be prepared for the unavoidable ones

Risk Reduction

Achieve Life Goals

You only get one life. Have a MAP to get where you want to go

Achieve Life Goals

Focus on Strengths

Maximize your strengths by leveraging ours

Focus on Strengths

The Essentials of Setting a Course


You can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t know where you are. Our first step is to assess your current financial reality


Without identifying goals it’s impossible for your life to have direction and often people end up going nowhere. Our second step is to identify life destinations.


Once we know where you and where you want to go we can chart the best way to get there and prepare for the journey. There always are course changes and corrections in life but proper planning ensures that you safely arrive are your destination.

The Essentials of a Financial MAP

MAP is an acronym for Management, Accounting, and Planning.  All three are required to be properly managed in order to achieve financial health and travel the financial seas and all are fundamental skills of an accountant.


With Management we focus on bookkeeping and budgeting to develop personal money management skills. Proper financial management is the foundation of all plans.


Accounting is the measurement and accountability process of a MAP. Typically focused on tax returns and financial statements accounting also involves


Many people achieve very few life goals because they fail to take the time to plan how to get there and instead seem to travel life “where the wind blows.” Short and long term financial planning provides the direction and course to achieve life goals.