Our Staff

Currently a small staff of two passionate people trying to improve the financial condition of individuals around the world; Votum is always looking to partner with other individuals looking to do the same.

Kenton Poelzer

Financial Navigator

Sherry Beaucage

Office Manager

Kenton Poelzer

Founder | Financial Navigator

Kenton Poelzer graduated with an Accounting degree in the Bachelor of Commence program at the University of Alberta in 2004 and immediately began working as a junior accountant at the CMA firm, Summit Strategies. Two years later, under the mentorship and guidance of the partners of Summit Strategies, he launched a small but successful accounting firm named Accounting for Success that specialized in providing a low cost alternative option for small businesses. AFS grew quickly over the next couple years until in 2011 Kenton sold his business to his partner to pursue his vision of a unique accounting firm that was built around improving the financial condition of its clients. Votum Accounting is the realization of that vision.
kenton_webWhen I’m not having fun preparing taxes and budgets I also enjoy an active lifestyle in sports (among other things) with my family. At age 33 I’ve been blessed to still be able to play full-contact football while at the same time coach my sons in rugby and hockey. Most importantly I have a wonderful wife, Jodi, of 13 years who has been my biggest supporter and three beautiful boys Carson, Logan and Devin.

Sherry Beaucage

Founder | Office Manager

Sherry Beaucage has worked with Kenton in the accounting industry since January 2006.  She has tended to the needs of many clients and staff along the way as she fulfilled her client management and office management duties.  Over her career Sherry has picked up a number of accounting skill sets which allow her to effectively manage client files and staff making her one of the best “do it all” people in the industry.  Although she does many roles within our organization the one she is always known for is her ability to keep us all happy and organized.  As such she is invaluable to both us and our clients.
sherry_webOn a normal day I work, parent, grocery shop, cook/burn supper, you know the usual day to day stuff.  Just an average Jane!  Interesting fact about me….. I love to play guitar and write my own music.  Someday I hope to record some of the songs I’ve written.  Not for Nashville or anything; just simply to pass on down through the generations to come.